Thursday, January 15, 2009

Patchwork Pieces

Since Christmas I have done a lot of this - reading books. I used to read a lot and then I sort of lost my way with reading for a while and now I am back into it with a vengance. I can't seem to stop! Well actually I have put a stop to it for a week or so as I really must get back to creating a few more handmades for sale. I started by giving my work room a much needed sort out. In the busy weeks leading up to Christmas I seemed to be always dumping something in there or pushing something else to one side. With a clear space I started on this baby quilt for a friend's grand-daughter.

The first grand-daughter got a very pink quilt so this next one is getting something a little different. I am in a red and blue phase. These gorgeous buttons are not actually for the quilt but just happened to be sitting on the table after a quick rummage around a local charity shop

A girl has to play a little as well so friends came round for lunch yesterday to while away a few hours on a perfect sunny Hawkes Bay day. Of course we ate a little too much and probably yakked for too long but it was really nice and a gentle reminder of how important friends are.

If anyone would like to get hold of me re: buying something seen on my blog, please leave a comment and I can contact you.