Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jam Making

Yesterday turned into a jam making day as I had not been able to resist these two pots of freshly picked blackcurrants at our local organic growers shop. Click HERE to go to their website where they also have a link to a short YouTube video - the little shop is right at the end of the video. I call in every few days to see what they have and if you go there, buy the juice, its delicious. They also have wonderful looking garlic at the moment and apple cider vinegar. I love that little shop.

I used THIS recipe but cut it down to quarter measures as I only had 500gms of blackcurrants.

I also used raw sugar as thats what I have and didn't do the initial washing, just picked them over followed by a quick rinse. Warm homemade jam is something else and I know this because I ate quite a bit of it yesterday.