Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Morning

Its Monday morning and fortified by one of my husband's excellent coffees, I am now at my computer writing this. My favourite beans are Mojo from Wellington and my personal barista produces a fantastic cup every time on a very basic machine. Nothing fancy here, its all done in the hands of a natural coffee extractor. Although, I did give him a burr grinder for Christmas which has improved the brew and the authentic sounds within the coffee lovers home.

Yesterday I made two new Sweet Mary hearts, lavender filled, to put in my Felt shop. Click HERE to have a look.

Whilst finishing the lavender hearts with some hand stitching I decided to watch this DVD I had bought a while back. Sophie Dahl is famous in her own right but what most attracted me initially was the memory of the wonderful books that her very famous grandfather wrote. We all loved these books as our children were growing up, not only to read but to play on long car journeys. The joys of the BFG ! The D.M.D's DVD was gorgeous as only the delicious Miss Dahl could be but what I enjoyed the most and kept rewinding to look again were the views into her "vintage" home. A delight.