Monday, April 21, 2008

Organic Food

As usual, we were at the Hastings Farmers Market bright and early yesterday. It was dry but very cold so we raced around to our favourite stalls buying up what we needed for the week and having a quick chat to the stall holders. We have been going to this fabulous market ever since we moved here five years ago. The price, quality and choice is truly amazing. I can buy all my vegetables, fruit, plants, meat, olive oil, cheeses, bread, coffee, flowers and preserves and deal directly with the person who has either made it or grown it - sometimes both.
The organic vegetable stall (above) is always my first port of call while my other half goes off to buy the flat whites. Yesterday I bought yellow chard, celeriac, agria potatoes and the most delicious carrots with their gorgeous green frilly tops still attached. I always get some fresh coriander and until recently, huge bags of basil to make pesto for the freezer - a little taste of summer in the depths of winter. I think we are really lucky to have this market and as its so well attended, lots of other people must agree with me!