Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lavender @ Sweet Mary HQ

The photos above show one of the reasons I haven't blogged all week - I moved my sewing room from the sleepout (outside room) to a room right in the middle of the house, with a sweeping view over the front garden. Now this new room was actually my son's bedroom but as he is at uni most of the time, he very reasonably said he wouldn't mind moving to the small bedroom next door to this one. I am delighted with this move, not only did it give me a much bigger work space, I also got a chance to sort through all my stuff which was a bit of an eye opener - I had truly forgotten about some of my treasures. It was an exciting few days making these discoveries. Also nice not to be tucked away but to be in the centre of everything - phone and computer access, not to mention kitchen for hot drinks and the loo! Spot the order of freshly made lavender hearts waiting to be packed up and sent off.
We live in an old farmhouse which often seems colder inside than out. Lovely in the summer but testing during the winter months. We do have a wood burner so last night we had our first fire of the season. A cold southerly came in late afternoon and by the time my "fire-building" husband came home we were all ready for some warmth. Of course, after a few hours of that warmth coupled with a glass or two of wine, we were both nodding off in the middle of a gripping thriller on the TV. Our children are home on their uni holidays which is always fun if not a little noisy and messy. Another reason why blogger activity is curtailed - I have to negotiate for my time on the computer. I am going to get this posted and hopefully blog again later on today.