Monday, April 14, 2008

My Baby

The above photo is of our younger cat, Annie, taken soon after she came to live with us.

I discovered Annie crying underneath our bedroom window a few weeks before Christmas of 2006. I fell "in love" immediately and she has been my baby ever since. She had either been abandoned or somehow lost - so was a frightened little girl for a while. At this stage of her life she thought it was very daring to explore all the pots outside the back porch. When I look at this photo, I find it hard to believe she was ever that small. Sixteen months on and Annie is quite a lot bigger ( its all fur I tell everyone) and loves running to the top of trees and then down again.

So, the photo below shows Annie half way up her favourite tree, pausing and posing for the camera. Actually she was watching a bird but I always imagine more than that.

The tree is one of many in the garden around our home, most of them are huge and great for climbing cats. I love tall trees, especially when they sway and rustle in the wind. Lying underneath them on summer days is a pretty close second. Third has to be the beautiful autumn leaves that fall off them at this time of year. Three good reasons to always have tall trees around you but I am sure there are many more.