Saturday, April 26, 2008

Vintage Collections with Memories

Our children have returned to uni after their 2 week break and while doing the general tidy up I cleaned out a few to my cake tins - our son especially loves to find them full so he can have the pleasure of emptying them for me. That little job got me to thinking about my cake tins and the memories associated with some of them. So I decided to pile them up on the table for a photo. Long ago I realised that I was a collecter and a hoarder. I can't seem to help myself - I start with one item then another , and another. Things always look good in groupings of 3, 5, 7, right? How many cake tins does one family need but they do look gorgeous piled up in the pantry, on top of the cook book bookcase, filling up a small plate rack (no room for plates). Thats another collection! My friend Nic knows about and appreciates this passion and recently gave me two tins that belonged to her granny. Another one is from my mum and quite a few have come from friends. I will look after these treasures which have that extra special significance of being "given". But my absolute favourite is the green/blue one with the large red rose which I found in a great treasure shop in Waipawa (Hawkes Bay). Enough about the cake tins, one day I will write about all the other things I collect but maybe in a drip feed sort of way - it could get boring...

Yesterday, 25th of April was a very important day of remembrance for New Zealanders and Australians - ANZAC Day. Its a public holiday here so in between enjoying the beautiful sunny, autumn day we watched memorials from around NZ and the world - always a day of reflection for us, remembering those brave men and women.